Our Commitment

We are committed to our Clients

  • YOU will be the center of OUR attention
  • We will listen to YOUR vision
  • We will honour YOUR “Do Not Play List”
  • Will listen to YOUR needs
  • We will answer YOUR questions
  • We will assist in YOUR planning
  • We will celebrate with YOU on your big day!

Our Standards

  • Exceed your expectations
  • Get to know you on a personal level
  • Focus on detailed and efficient event planning
  • Coordinate with other vendors at your event
  • Ensure your event flows smoothly
  • Make prompt announcements
  • Never over use the microphone
  • Involve all of your guests

Your Expectations

We will setup early for your event We will dress formally for your event We will smile We will be polite We will not swear or tell cheesy jokes We will not drink alcohol We will continually check in with you throughout the evening We will use professional audio and lighting equipment We will not play the music TOO LOUD We will not take breaks